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The authors of Light in the Heart of Darkness

Written from the heart and with direct experience of lasting healing from depression

Brandon Bays and Kevin Billett have beautifully co-written this powerful and liberating book. Based on proven techniques from The Journey, Light in the Heart of Darkness is designed to help you lift your blues forever and live life to the full. Written from direct experience, Kevin Billett is living proof that what the book contains actually works.

Uplifting and positively life changing, the book clearly shows how, once you get to the core of your depression, it can be gone forever.


and how Brandon and Kevin
approach depression

The Journey has proven successful, even for those with deep-seated, chronic depression. Kevin Billett is a case in point. He suffered from chronic depression for over 20 years before finding Brandon Bays “The Journey” and finally setting himself free. And you can do the same for yourself.

Easy to master, The Journey is a simple yet profound process. The method Brandon Bays used to heal herself physically also works with emotional issues and states of being, including depression. It involves facing your emotions one by one and releasing stored and hidden cell memories as you go deeper into the heart of who you really are.

Light in the Heart of Darkness outlines the exact steps you need to find ultimate freedom from the blues. It shows you how to clear out old issues that have held you in the vice like grip of depression for years. Using your own, infinite wisdom you’ll get to the root cause. You’ll clear out old memories stored in your cells, leaving you completely healed and free to live in unbridled joy, passion and fulfillment.

Using the principles of The Journey, Kevin Billett designed a 12-week online course and a 3-day workshop called Out of the Blue. In a fully supportive, confidential and soulful environment you’ll get to the bottom of the major issues that are the root cause of your depression. Here you’ll release the past, find peace of mind, and be free to live a richer, fuller, life.

You will:

  • Experience powerful, liberating process work that will help you get to the root cause of emotional suppression, on-going negative emotions and depression;
  • Find out what’s been keeping you separate from the real joy and passion of life;
  • Clear the consciousness that put these patterns into place and make a shift that also positively impacts those around you;
  • Step into a life of passion and fulfillment and experience life in all its richness.

Give yourself the gift of freedom from depression. Join us for this unique work – and create a powerful change in your life. As you experience a shift in consciousness, you’ll begin to live joyously, authentically and passionately. As you do the hands on work, you’ll be amazed at the positive effect it has on those around you, too.


"I Journeyd Right Into The Peace"

“I have lived an entire lifetime under the belief that depression was a genetic inevitability which I would invariably see transmitted to my children.

Through various tools of healing and yoga, I managed to largely overcome depression, yet it still threatened to hover back.

After doing the Out of the Blue workshop with Kevin Billett, I managed to identify the roots of it all, and rip it out from the very core.

The workshop helps to distinguish the myths from empirical facts, and gives accessible and effective tools.

Indeed I journeyed right out of the blue and into the peace that is my own essential nature.”

Nicki Forman

"An Enlightened Approach To Depression"

Kevin explores the significant role of our Beliefs, Vows, Stories and Conditioning in the context of suppression or shut down of emotions.

Traditional labels such as Anxious Depressed, Bi Polar Mood Disorder, Somatisization, Narcolepsy etc can be vividly explored under this Model. Giving immense hope to somewhat permanent if not precarious labels.

Excitingly Kevin does not stop there, he builds on the world reknown The Journey method the Mind Body to release silent saboteurs.

Kevin's 'Out of the Blue' theory of Depression and associated treatment is both refreshing and viable, empowering individuals to grow by releasing previously suppressed, blocked, avoided emotions, unhelpful beliefs and ineffectual coping strategies.”

Dr Sian Dines
Clinical Psychologist