Light in the Heart
of Darkness

Light in the Heart of Darkness – the eagerly anticipated book
co-authored by Brandon Bays and Kevin Billett

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Brandon Bays
Kevin Billett

The authors of Light in the Heart of Darkness

Written from the heart and with direct experience of lasting healing from depression

Brandon Bays and Kevin Billett have beautifully co-written this powerful and liberating book. Based on proven techniques from The Journey, Light in the Heart of Darkness is designed to help you lift your blues forever and live life to the full. Written from direct experience, Kevin Billett is living proof that what the book contains actually works.

Uplifting and positively life changing, the book clearly shows how, once you get to the core of your depression, it can be gone forever.

About Brandon Bays

US born, Brandon Bays is the world’s leading authority on emotional healing and life transformation.

She is recognized as one of the most dynamic, inspirational and innovative teachers in the field of personal growth and mind-body-healing. She is internationally known for her radically transformative work in the fields of cellular healing, emotional wellbeing and spiritual awakening, and is the pioneer of The Journey Method®.

It was in the face of adversity that Brandon discovered her true calling. Diagnosed with a large tumor, she embarked on a remarkable, soul-searching, transformational and liberating healing journey. It allowed her to heal from her tumor in just 6½ weeks, without drugs or surgery. In doing so, she uncovered a means to get direct access to the boundless healing potential that exists inside each of us, and developed a natural healing method that can help everyone. The process works on all levels of being – emotional, physical and spiritual.

She is the pioneer of The Journey Method, a practical and liberating tool for healing and awakening, and is dedicated to bringing healing and freedom to people around the globe.

Brandon is an international bestselling author of several books, including The Journey, Freedom Is, The Journey for Kids, Consciousness: The New Currency and Living The Journey. She is dedicated to sharing her message and self-healing techniques with the world.

She has appeared on numerous television programs and is the subject of countless newspaper and magazine articles.

The Journey book is translated into 23 languages, and has sold more than 1 million copies worldwide.

Brandon is an authentic example of her teaching – full of joy and energy, with a natural love and gratitude for life. Her open, candid honesty, genuine compassion for the human condition and relaxed, warm-hearted humor bring her teachings alive with insight, depth, humanity and grace.

About Kevin Billett

UK born, Kevin Billett is a world-leading expert in conscious life transformation, positive living and authentic leadership. He is joint founder and CEO of The Journey group of companies. He is Brandon Bays’ husband, Journey Method collaborator and business partner of 20 years.

Kevin contributed to and edited many of Brandon’s books, and co-wrote Consciousness: The New Currency. Brandon and Kevin’s latest book, Light in the Heart of Darkness, is largely based on his story of healing completely from depression using The Journey Method, and teaching others how to do the same.

He is creator and presenter of numerous highly rated live and Internet seminars and workshops, including Out of the Blue: Freedom From The Real Causes of Depression; Re-Program Your Life; The Visionary Leadership Program and JourneyMan: Healing Your Negative Male Conditioning. He is also co-creator and joint presenter, with Brandon, of the Freedom From Ego and Conscious Relationship programs.

He has appeared on several television programs and has had numerous magazine articles published.

Kevin is known for his open, personable style of presenting, and for his easy humor while offering life transformation techniques that strip out underlying negative habits and allow people to make fundamental transformations in their lives. His main love is helping people uncover and live from the innate positivity and authentic greatness that resides in each of us.

Brandon and Kevin are based in the UK, and travel extensively worldwide for up to 10 months each year.

The aim of The Journey organization is to bring innovative, effective and lasting natural healing and personal growth techniques to humanity. The Journey is represented in the USA, Canada, the UK and Europe, India, Australasia and South Africa. It offers seminars and retreats in up to 44 countries worldwide and a wide variety of Internet programs. In addition to Kevin and Brandon there are 20 qualified presenters of the seminar work, and some 2000 Accredited Practitioners who offer Journeywork to individual clients around the globe.

So far around 1,000,000 people globally have benefitted from, and are potential advocates of, The Journey Method.

The Journey

and how Brandon and Kevin
approach depression

Take The Journey, not medication,
and end your depression forever

The Journey has proven successful, even for those with deep-seated, chronic depression. Kevin Billett is a case in point. He suffered from chronic depression for over 20 years before finding Brandon Bays’The Journey and finally setting himself free. And you can do the same for yourself with Light in the Heart of Darkness.

Access your own infinite wisdom

Easy to master, The Journey is a simple yet profound process. The method Brandon used to heal herself physically also works with emotional issues and states of being, including depression. It involves facing your emotions one by one and releasing stored and hidden cell memories as you go deeper into the heart of who you really are.

Light in the Heart of Darkness outlines the exact steps you need to find ultimate freedom from the blues. It shows you how to clear out old issues that have held you in the vice like grip of depression for years. Using your own, infinite wisdom you’ll get to the root cause. You’ll clear out old memories stored in your cells, leaving you completely healed and free to live in unbridled joy, passion and fulfillment.

Out of the Blue – the workshop on which the book is based

Using the principals of The Journey, Kevin Billett designed a three-day workshop called Out of the Blue. In a fully supportive, confidential and soulful environment you’ll get to the bottom of the major issues that are the root cause of your depression. Here you’ll release the past, find peace of mind, and be free to live a richer, fuller, life.

During the workshop you’ll:

  • Experience powerful, liberating process work that will help you get to the root cause of emotional suppression, ongoing negative emotions and depression
  • Find out what’s been keeping you separate from the real joy and passion of life
  • Clear the consciousness that put these patterns into place and make a shift that also positively impacts those around you
  • Step into a life of passion and fulfillment and experience life in all its richness

Give yourself the gift of freedom from depression. Join us on this unique workshop – and create a powerful change in your life. As you experience a shift in consciousness, you’ll begin to live joyously, authentically and passionately. As you do the hands on work, you’ll be amazed at the positive effect it has on those around you, too.

To find out more, including details for the next workshop, click here>>

Busting the 4 big myths
of depression

an interview with Kevin Billett

#1: Depression is a mental illness. FALSE

I know this is a contentious statement , but depression is not in itself a mental illness. There is no known, identifiable mental dysfunction that sits at the core of depression and defines it. There is no valid proof that this is what depression essentially is.

#2: Depression is a physical disease. FALSE

Depression is not in the literal medical sense a physical disease. It does not have a specific observable pathology, does not produce specific predictable cellular change, and does not proceed in expression along linear paths. It is neither infectious nor contagious. Calling depression a disease is like calling stress a disease: stress can cause disease or illness, but it is not what stress really is.

#3: Depression is an emotion. FALSE

Depression is not an emotion. It is a state or condition, one that we create by resisting or manipulating our raw, natural feelings.

Depression can feel emotional, or it can feel devoid of emotion. Depending on the level of depression we experience it can be vaguely discomforting or numbed-out and hazy or severely painful — but it is not in itself an emotion.

#4: Depression is a genetically inherited inevitability. FALSE

Depression, no matter what you might have been told, is not an inevitable legacy handed down from generation to generation. Depression is never a foregone prognosis. Although our common environments and others’ behaviors and attitudes can deeply influence us, depression is never inevitable in anyone’s life.

Facts About
The Method

Daily Mail Article on Depression

Half of us say we have felt the despair of depression – twice as many as official statistics suggest. Thousands of adults asked if they've felt depressed - with 45% saying yes. Usual estimates suggest one in four Britons have battled the blues. Survey comes as government pushes mental wellbeing on NHS

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Out of the Blue Workshop results study

Out of the Blue: freedom from the real causes of depression Melbourne workshop evaluation. Around 359 million people worldwide (source: World Health Organization) suffer with depression and emotional shutdown.

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12 Simple Techniques to Deal with Depression

Current statistics show that women are much more likely to be medically diagnosed with depression than are men. Shockingly, and counter-intuitively, the figures also show that young men are up to four times more likely to kill themselves because of depression than are women. The suicide risk is highest for males between the ages of 18 and 27 – and the rates in some countries have tripled in the last 30 years.

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If you think healing naturally from depression sounds too good to be true – or you can’t believe the techniques outlined in Light in the Heart of Darkness can work that fast – here’s what past ‘Out of the Blue’ course participants say

Nicki Forman-Levitan

Freedom from a ‘genetic inevitability’

“I have lived an entire lifetime under the erroneous belief that depression was a genetic inevitability, an inescapable inheritance, one which I would invariably see transmitted to my children. Through various tools of healing and yoga, I managed to largely overcome depression, yet without vigilant adherence to these tools, it still hovered there, threatingly ready to reveal itself and reinstate its territoriality into my life.

After doing the Out of the Blue workshop with Kevin Billett, I managed to identify the roots of this unwanted legacy, and rip it out from the very core. The workshop helps to distinguish the myths from empirical fact, and gives accessible and effective tools to deal with patterns of depression both personally as well as for use as a Journey practitioner with clients.

Kevin is an impeccable teacher, highly astute, as well as wholly accessible for questions and clarification. He has the rare gift of being able to transmit both factual and esoteric truth, is deeply intuitive and exudes in both his teaching and his comportment, the channeling of Grace itself. The workshop evoked for me, a profound healing and catalyzed a deeper state of awareness and stillness. Indeed I journeyed right out of the blue and into the peace that is my own essential nature.”

Nicki Forman-Levitan

Dr Sian Dines

An enlightened approach to depression

“Whilst the debate remains open on Trait Vulnerability markers of Depression, Kevin Billet presents a strong Argument for State Vulnerability Markers for the experience of Depression. Kevin explores the significant role of our Beliefs, Vows, Stories and Conditioning in the context of suppression or shut down of emotions.

Personality Traits, clearly inform the expression of Emotions. In the case of Depression, Kevin utilises the Enneagram model to demonstrate the cluster of symptoms referred to as Depression in all of its disguises. Traditional labels such as Anxious Depressed, Bi Polar Mood Disorder, Somatisization, Narcolepsy etc can be vividly explored under this Model. Giving immense hope to previously condemning and some what permanent if not precarious labels.

From this enlightened approach to Depression, Kevin is free to explore symptoms of depression as reversible and thereby treatable. By identifying the underlying suppression or shut down strategies employed by the individual in order to not feel negative or unpleasant emotions, the individual can then be guided to release these protective mechanisms.

Kevin competently addresses the traditional State Stress Factors contributing to Depression including Life Events such as Past Traumas, Strategy or Responsibility overload, the Expectation Gap between reality and perceived permission, and the Unhealthy Lifestyle factors including sleep, exercise, environment, diet, lack of VitaminD from sunshine and the impact of not having a Purpose in life.

An impressive model, providing clear rational for the experience of shut down or suppression of emotions resulting in the subjective experience referred to as Depression.

Excitingly Kevin does not stop there, he goes further to utilise and build upon Brandon Bay's The Journey to provide effective therapeutic treatments for Depression. The Mind Body healing Processes targeted directly at experiencing emotions and releasing silent saboteurs. This treatment includes Identifying & Reframing unhelpful beliefs and importantly, learning new techniques to open into the experience of Higher Self or Source, to be guided to explore and employ more helpful beliefs and strategies to prevent emotional shut down in the future. These eloquent processes are specifically designed to empower the individual to experience emotions in a full, safe and complete way.

Kevin's 'Out of the Blue' theory of Depression and associated treatment is both refreshing and viable, empowering individuals to grow by releasing previously suppressed, blocked, avoided emotions, unhelpful beliefs and ineffectual coping strategies. Resulting in the capacity to open, allow and trust in the experience of negative Emotions, understanding that emotions like fear, anger, devastation can have the freedom to be felt and let pass. Previously these suppressed, avoided emotions were being stored as cellular memories in the body, contributing greatly to physical Dis Ease and the manifestation of the condition referred to as Depression.”

Dr Sian Dines
Clinical Psychologist

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